About Transact

Transact is a registered, bonded and licensed transportation intermediary focused on providing the very best in logistics technologies coupled with outstanding professional service. Driven from the top down is the ethical nature in which we conduct business. No employee is ever rewarded or encouraged for producing margins outside the parameters of our corporate guidelines. Every employee is salaried so as to focus their attention on providing the very best service to the clients without the distraction of marginal pay programs, commissions or bonus’.

Our systems are designed with a focus on transparency. We believe that it is important for shippers to truly know how business is being conducted on their behalf by an intermediary. When a partnership is created between an intermediary, client and carrier, this triad should work together as one team in order to accomplish the goals of the client. It is our responsibility to provide the platform for this transparency of data that should be used to enhance open communications and be used to verify the good standing of each member.