Import Customhouse Brokerage

Licensed by the United States Treasury Department (Customs Brokers Lic.# 15965), Transact Intermediaries provides Customs entry services to import clients. Transact Intermediaries is an approved A.B.I. broker, which allows Transact Intermediaries to electronically submit entries to Customs and other government regulatory agencies for faster, more efficient processing.

Transact Intermediaries operates a separate database which contains all data fields of the 7501 entry summary and the 3561 carrier release. These data fields are automatically updated electronically by the U.S. Customs Service and this data is available to clients via our exclusive Import Tracking System. The Transact Intermediaries importer tracking system requires no additional investment in software or hardware and is accessed directly over our secure server via the web. The system also allows import clients to access a report writer to obtain customized reports. Our clients have told us they want self-serve access to their import data and we have delivered it through the Transact Intermediaries Import Tracking System.