Tropicana Rail Marketing

Ever see those bright colorful Tropicana Rail boxes moving across the country? Well, they all originate in Bradenton, Florida where they produce all of the Tropicana Orange Juice we all see in stores. Tropicana owns these refrigerated rail cars and moves them to Jersey City, NJ Cincinnati, OH and City of Industry, CA everyday to supply the country with fresh orange juice.

Transact and Tropicana have agreed to partner together in order to market the backhaul services for rail transportation back into the state of Florida.

Tropicana supplies reliable, clean, food grade, temperature controlled and GPS monitored railcars for use into Florida on regularly scheduled service.

If you have a need to move high quantities of palletized freight from the Northeast, Midwest or West Coast into Florida, then we may have a carrier solution for you.

Call us if you would like more information or download the PDF.