Sometimes you just need a little outside help. Someone who can assist you in seeing the forest through the trees. Are you operating as efficiently as you could? Is your TMS being used as it should or is it outdated and dragging your operation down? Are you paying too much for transportation? Is your competition doing things differently and operating better? Is your logistics department sharing pertinent data seamlessly with other departments like sales, purchasing and accounting? We can help you to answer these questions and better yet, give you the solutions!

When it comes to logistics consulting, you can trust Transact. Our highly qualified and diverse team has experience in all facets of logistics management. We understand the issues you are facing. You need to do more with less. We understand the challenges facing logistics professionals today. We have positioned ourselves with the people and specialized tools that will enable Transact to perform an entire review of your logistics process. We know how to move product domestically and internationally and help you move your product at the lowest landed delivered cost.

Our core logistics solution lies with a powerful TMS system. Scalable and highly customizable, we can quickly deploy optimization of route schedules, optimization of rate contracts, establish freight auction portals, assist in streamlining freight tender procedures and so much more. Aside from the TMS, we tap the experience of our management team to advise on the proper operating procedures that will keep your company competitive now and for years to come.